Mission Statement

Direct and simple communication is the cornerstone of any success. With SignSpinners and our other services, we create positive emotions and convey our customers' message clearly and unambiguously.

We help companies to directly increase customer frequency and turn every event into an unforgettable experience.

What is SignSpin?



Philipp Schatton, a student from Lübeck, first practiced SignSpinning in Germany back in 2008. The first satisfied customers followed, allowing the company SignSpin UG to be founded in 2013. Together with some student friends, the decision was made to professionalize the SignSpinning form of advertising to such an extent that it is represented in every advertising mix of large companies. Over 250 SignSpinners have already been trained throughout Germany.

Every year, major events such as championships or training camps are held where SignSpinners compete against each other, further professionalize the advertising method and exchange ideas. 

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Promotion opening marketing for Jumpers Fitness in Germany


Agency orientation

We started out over ten years ago as the exclusive provider of the SignSpinning advertising format and have been constantly expanding our product portfolio ever since. Since 2018, we have been supporting well-known clients such as Decathlon and Jumpers Fitness as a full-service agency in the out-of-home sector. We accompany openings with a supporting programme or organize entire events.

As a full-service agency, we take care of all the work. All you need to do is tell us what goals you want to achieve and we will take care of all the important aspects, from a tailor-made event concept to personnel planning and obtaining permits. 


Type of advertising and sport

The SignSpinning form of advertising was developed in the USA at the beginning of 2002. So-called sign holders, people with advertising boards in their hands, wanted to draw more attention to their messages and started spinning them through the air. Since then, countless tricks have been developed and a whole franchise has formed in the USA around the marketing of these new street artists, the SignSpinners.

Today, there are competitions among the best sign spinners all over the world. The highlight is always the annual world championships in Las Vegas. In Germany, there is now the world's first SginSpinning association - SignSpinning e.V. - which also organizes the German championships.

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SignSpin Sport Training


You can't do without spinners

The heart of this agency is its employees, whether SignSpinner or Street Influencer. For this reason, we attach great importance to high quality and satisfaction. Our staff are passionate about working for you and are trained individually for each campaign.

We hold regular training sessions for our SignSpinners and dialog training sessions for our street influencers. We have now built up a community of more than 250 SignSpinners across Germany. We are proud of this and hope to be able to train many more employees in the future.

The team

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Philipp Schatton, CEO

Phone: +49 151 18940810
E-mail: philipp.schatton@signspin.de

SignSpin The Original Logo e1601017641293

Robert Michel, Sales

Phone: +49 151 41431999
E-mail: robert.michel@signspin.de

SignSpin The Original Logo e1601017641293

Malte Fonfara, Marketing

Phone: +49 173 3123281
E-mail: malte.fonfara@signspin.de

Customer logo Edeka SignSpin Marketing

Roman Ribbert, Project Management

Phone: +49 152 26688555
E-mail: roman.ribbert@signspin.de

Customer logo Mercedes Benz SignSpin Marketing

Lucas Meyer, Recruiting

Phone: +49 176 47684772
E-mail: lucas.meyer@signspin.de

Customer logo Ring-Center Berlin SignSpin Marketing

Joe Willenbrock , Workshop

Phone: +49 151 10280280
E-mail: joe.willenbrock@signspin.de

Customer logo Edeka SignSpin Marketing

Peter Schatton, Legend

Phone: +49 451 58249012
E-mail: info@signspin.de

Customer logo Mercedes Benz SignSpin Marketing

Sophie Schatton, Design

Phone: +49 175 8542366
E-mail: sophie.schatton@signspin.de

Customer logo Ring-Center Berlin SignSpin Marketing

Rainer Spinner, Field Service

Phone: +49 151 18940810
E-mail: info@signspin.de

Our partners

Together with our strong and experienced cooperation partners, we can offer you even more diverse show and event concepts. From spectacular show acts to sporting event modules, we can realize almost anything.

AArrow Ads

the inventors of SignSpinning


Event agency from Hamburg

behrends marketing

Event and Promotion NRW


Since 2008, we have been pursuing the vision of establishing SignSpinning as an advertising medium on the European market and making live communication exciting, unique and effective. Characterized by the knowledge of the advertising impact of SignSpinning, our philosophy is based on the claim to offer the best solution in every segment and to exceed expectations.

Building on our experience from countless successful campaigns, events, shows, promotions and functions, we are continuously expanding our portfolio with meaningful and targeted products and creative concepts. Our focus is always on customer benefit and our aim to create exceptional marketing.

We work closely with our clients and see ourselves as a full-service agency. For us, this means that we support our clients in every step of the marketing process. We advise on planning, organize implementation and, of course, provide reliable evaluations and detailed documentation of the campaign.

We have been supporting many of our customers for many years and are, of course, constantly evolving. We would also be happy to build a trusting working relationship with you. We look forward to working with you to realize exciting marketing concepts.