SignSpinning is spectacular, offers special entertainment value and is one of the most effective advertising media.

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The special thing about SignSpinning is its entertainment value. SignSpinning is not intrusive, but makes people smile and marvel. Your message is firmly integrated into the show and is therefore remembered in a positive and lasting way. Our now +250 SignSpinners throughout Germany train regularly to expand their repertoire of tricks and ensure the highest level of safety during their performances.

SignSpinning Facts

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Whether as a signpost at a trade fair, for an image campaign or for the opening of a new branch, almost any case can be enhanced by the use of SignSpinners.


  • Bookable by the day
  • All inclusive - no hidden costs
  • Bookable throughout Europe

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You always book all-inclusive with us. We take care of all the planning and implementation. We also offer comprehensive documentation with photos and videos.


  • Lead time: 10 working days
  • Production of signs according to template
  • Video and photo documentation

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Worth knowing

Studies prove the effectiveness of SignSpinner. Over 70%* unaided advertising recall and recurring sales records from advertising locations and customers.



Supplementary services

It often makes sense to use other marketing measures in addition to our SignSpinner. Depending on the situation, we recommend extending the campaign online with our Hyper Local Marketing or expanding the offline advertising radius with SignSpeeder.

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The special thing about SignSpinning is its entertainment value. SignSpinning is not intrusive, but makes people smile and marvel. Your message is always at the center of the show, making it positive and memorable. In every pedestrian zone, street crossing, event or trade fair, your advertising message is the creative eye-catcher and popular figure with our SignSpinners.

Our now +250 SignSpinners throughout Germany train regularly to expand their repertoire of tricks and ensure the highest level of safety during their assignments. Customer dialog is also regularly trained so that our SignSpinners can respond competently and sympathetically to inquiries. SignSpinners can be used in a very versatile and flexible way. They are not tied to fixed locations and can therefore always be positioned directly at the hot spots to generate as many impressions as possible.

Whether as a dynamic signpost at a trade fair, for a Germany-wide image campaign, for the opening of a new branch or roadshows, almost any case can be enhanced through the use of SignSpinners. The SignSpinners can be placed at the point of interest (PoI), point of sale (PoS) or as a walking act and awareness trigger at highly frequented, strategic locations.

Why SignSpinning instead? Classic promotional campaigns such as flyer distribution are generally perceived as disruptive, as they encroach on the comfort zone of passers-by. And which advertising poster, city light poster (CLP) or advertising pillar do you remember? Our sign artists will inspire you, whether in a live show on stage, as fascinating walking acts or a creative combination of show and product integration. The sign gives you the opportunity to easily integrate different slogans and a variety of products into a classic show or show production. These concise messages in combination with the performance of the SignSpinner artists convey emotions and emphasize a clear advertising message. Such show productions are perfect for trade fairs, product presentations, roadshows, activation events, corporate events and many other applications.

Another option is walking act promotion. Our artists turn every pedestrian zone, street or intersection into their own personal stage and impress the audience. Address potential customers directly and arouse their interest with visual stimuli. Charming small talk and concise catchphrases round off the product marketing of the future and convey your very personal message with our flying sign artists.

The advantages of SignSpinners? With this show act or promotion you can only attract attention. There are countless posters in the city that potential customers pass by, but with our sign artists they can't look away.

Where does sign spinning come from? The roots of sign spinning lie in San Diego, USA. It all started with Max and Mike, who, like many others, stood on the street with advertising signs to draw customers' attention to a special promotion or special offers. In 1999, however, this became too boring for the two boys and they started doing tricks and unusual movements with the signs to attract more attention from passers-by and motorists. The two founded AArrow Ads and quickly expanded and managed to expand to 10 countries, including Germany. In the meantime, there is not only a partnership with AArrow Ads, but also friendships and a lively exchange of tricks and ideas. There are around 10,000 SignSpinners worldwide and even official German championships. The highlight for every artist is the annual SignSpinner World Championship in Las Vegas. This is where the best male and female SignSpinners are chosen. The main prize is endowed with $5,000.

German and European championships have also been held on a smaller scale in Germany for several years. In 2020, online competitions were also held for the first time, giving SignSpinners the opportunity to showcase their skills on Twitch and YouTube. Since 2020, our SignSpinners can also be found online as GIFS on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. We would also be happy to create a customized GIF for you with our SignSpinners and your individual message.

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