Digital services

Hyper Local Marketing

Direct and simple communication is the cornerstone of every success. Today, it is all the more important to accompany your customers on all channels, offline and online, when making a purchase decision. With our digital services, we offer useful additions for SignSpinning campaigns, for example, so that you can also address your customers online. 

We also help companies to advertise successfully digitally.

Our digital services

Hyper Local Marketing

Ommnichannel Social Media

With our Hyper Local Marketing you can advertise specifically on all channels. The process is very simple. Our SignSpinners are active at the touch points of your campaign and route potential customers or communicate offers. During the campaign period, customers are retargeted on social media.

Using mobile geofencing, we guarantee that retargeting only takes place regionally in the target area.

Hyper Local Marketing
Promotion opening marketing for Jumpers Fitness in Germany

Content Creation

Photo and video documentation

You want to inspire your customers with unique ideas and high-quality products. This makes it all the more important that your content meets the same standards. This not only increases the added value of your corporate communication, but also measurably boosts success and intensifies customer loyalty.

It is important to find the right content format for your target group. We offer you professional film and video recordings in the field of street promotion. Our experienced authors create well-founded and search engine-optimized content that reaches, informs and emotionally engages your customers in a targeted manner.

Digital analysis

Identify customer journeys

The customer journey represents the customer's entire "itinerary" from the first contact with a product, brand or company through to a defined action (e.g. purchase). It combines all touchpoints from the creation of a need to the search for information to the final target action and the subsequent measures for customer loyalty.

In addition to traditional advertising, social media marketing and online marketing, the customer journey also includes all touchpoints that were not initiated by the company. These include, for example, press releases or recommendations from friends as well as comments on review portals.

We help you to recognize the customer journey and design it sustainably.

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Since 2008, we have been pursuing the vision of establishing SignSpinning as an advertising medium on the European market and making live communication exciting, unique and effective. Characterized by the knowledge of the advertising impact of SignSpinning, our philosophy is based on the claim to offer the best solution in every segment and to exceed expectations.

Building on our experience from countless successful campaigns, events, shows, promotions and functions, we are continuously expanding our portfolio with meaningful and targeted products and creative concepts. Our focus is always on customer benefit and our aim to create exceptional marketing.

We work closely with our clients and see ourselves as a full-service agency. For us, this means that we support our clients in every step of the marketing process. We advise on planning, organize implementation and, of course, provide reliable evaluations and detailed documentation of the campaign.

We have been supporting many of our customers for many years and are, of course, constantly evolving. We would also be happy to build a trusting working relationship with you. We look forward to realizing exciting marketing concepts together with you.